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Prettylove is a line of App-controlled Bluetooth Vibrators.

Device Identification

All Prettylove devices have a BLE name stating with "Aogu BLE", as well as same service and characteristic UUIDs.

Bluetooth Details

Service UUID


Info (4 bytes, Read/Write/Notify) Characteristic UUID


Control (2 bytes, Write) Characteristic UUID



The control protocol for the Vibratissimo allows the user to:

  • Read the battery level
  • Read device infos (product id, expected UI for app)
  • Control motor(s)
  • Control electro shock

Info Characteristic Format

To trigger a notification or select the value to read, it is necessary to write VOLT (0x564F4C54) or WNDS (0x574E4453) to the characteristic first.

The format for read values is

0xAA 0xBB 0xCC 0xDD

If BB and CC are zero, then AA is the battery level as a percentage (0-100).

If CC is 0x40, then AABB is the product value and DD is the UI value.

Productproduct valueUI value

Control Characteristic Format

Control bytes are as follows:

0xAA 0xBB

Generally, AA is always 00 and BB controls the device. The exact meaning depends on the product.

FFDisable all functions
00Disable all vibrations
01-0CStart various vibration patterns
6EDisable electro shocks
6FEnable electro shocks
70Increase intensity of electro shocks
71Reduce intensity of electro shocks
C9-DCTrigger short vibration, where C9 is the weakest and DC is the strongest