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Mysteryvibe manufactuers the Crescendo, a reconfigurable stick vibrator with 6 motors.

Bluetooth Details

Different versions of the Crescendo firmware contain different numbers of characteristics. For this writing, we are assuming the latest firmware as of May 2018, which has 7 characteristics.

Not all of the characteristics have been mapped, as the device has many functions including real time control, file loading, file playback with boosting/intensity (features derived from the Crescendo application GUI).

The currently mapped characteristics are enough to get real time control working with the vibrator.

Main Service ID


Mode Characteristic (3 bytes, read/write/notify)


Mode bytes are as follows:

0xXX 0x0Y 0xZZ
  • X - Assumed to be some sort of status flag field. Starts out at 0x48 on boot.
    • Byte 0: On/Off (i.e. 0x48 plays nothing, 0x49 plays current pattern)
  • Y - Unknown, seems to be either 0x01 or 0x02. Needs to be 0x02 for real time control
  • ZZ - Unknown. Changes rapidly while playing patterns, could be some sort of memory offset.

Control Chracteristic (6 bytes, read/write/notify)

0x0a 0xWW 0x?? 0x?? 0x?? 0x??
  • WW - On-board pattern index
  • Rest of bytes unknown

Motor Control Characteristic (6 bytes, read/write/notify)


Motor Control bytes are as follows:

0xAA 0xBB 0xCC 0xDD 0xEE 0xFF
  • AA - Motor level for Motor 1 (End with nubby bits), values 0-56 (decimal, reason values are not aligned to 100 or powers of 2 unknown). Values larger than 56 may cause motor speed to change.
  • BB - Motor level for Motor 2 (See motor 1 notes for values)
  • So on down through the 6th motor.


When the Crescendo application is started, the following command is sent to the Mode Control Characteristic:

0x48 0x01 0x00

To flip the device to real time control mode, send the following command to the Mode Control Characteristic:

0x43 0x02 0x00

This presumably mean play something, since 0x43 has the 0x1 flag flipped.


Once the device is in real time control mode, motor values can be set by writing 6 bytes to the Motor Control characteristic.

Writing bytes to this characteristic spins up the motor for a short time, around ~80-90ms (note that this timing was derived experimentally, and may be slightly different from the actual application distributed by MysteryVibe). To keep a sustained pattern, update messages must be sent frequently. It is currently unknown whether there is a device mode that will sustain commands.

To set all vibrators to top speed, the following packet can be sent to the motor control characteristic:

0x38 0x38 0x38 0x38 0x38 0x38

Things to figure out

  • Firmware loading
  • Pattern loading retreival
  • Mode field bits
  • What the rest of the characteristics do
  • Is there a way to sustain commands