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Fleshlight Launch


The Fleshlight Launch was introduced in March 2013. A partnership between Kiiroo and the Fleshlight brand of onaholes, it features a mechanism that holds a Fleshlight and performs a linear stroking motion with it.

Bluetooth Details

The Fleshlight Launch uses Bluetooth LE to communicate with other machines.

The device is found using the following names:

  • Launch

Services and Characteristic UUIDs:

  • Service UUID: 88f80580-0000-01e6-aace-0002a5d5c51b
  • Write Characteristic UUID: 88f80581-0000-01e6-aace-0002a5d5c51b
  • Read/Status Notification Characteristic UUID: 88f80582-0000-01e6-aace-0002a5d5c51b
  • Command Characteristic UUID: 88f80583-0000-01e6-aace-0002a5d5c51b

The Read and Write characteristics are used during normal operation of the Launch. The Command characteristic is used for bootloader access and firmware uploading.

Launch Protocol

Device Initialization

To initialize the device, send


to the Command Characteristic on bootup. This puts the Launch in user mode, allowing control of the device and reading of buttons.

For more information on device information retreival, including getting firmware versions, CRCs, and other firmware/bootloader related information, see the Kiiroo Bootloader and Firmware Section.

Firmware v1.2/1.3 Commands

The command protocol for the launch consists of two byte packets.

0xYY 0xZZ
  • YY represents the desired position of the toy. Valid inputs are 0-99, sent as decimal.
  • ZZ represents the desired speed the toy should move to the position listed at. Valid inputs are 0-99, sent as decimal.

Invalid inputs are ignored.

Firmware 1.0/1.1 Commands (Deprecated)

The commands for firmware version 1.0 and 1.1 were similar to the format of the Firmware v1.2/1.3 commands, except that they were coded in BCD instead of decimal. These commands do not work with later version of the firmware.

Buttons/Gesture Pads

The fleshlight comes with 7 "buttons", which are actually capacitive touch sensor pads. There are 2 sets of 3 buttons, on the left and right side of the device, meant to be used as gesture pads. There is also a single button in the middle, referred to as the "bluetooth" button due to the bluetooth/firmware status LED.

Status of buttons is read via notifications sent by the Status Notification characteristic. They arrive as an array of 14 ints, looking like:

[0x03, 0xCC, 0x03, 0x5A, 0x03, 0xA3, 0x03, 0xF4, 0x03, 0xAF, 0x03, 0x67, 0x03, 0xCF]

This array represents a set of 7 16-bit big-endian numbers, reflecting the state of the buttons on the device. The index of the values mirrors the order of the buttons on the device, with (assuming the device is facing you and upright):

  • the first 3 values representing the buttons on the left side of the device, from left to right
  • the 4th value representing the blue LED square button in the middle
  • the last 3 values representing the buttons on the right side of the device, from left to right

The array shown above is the idle state, with no buttons currently being pressed. Detecting button presses requires testing for a certain threshold of the button value. Whenever a button is pressed, the value will value decrease (up to ~80-90 from its idle state), and whenever it is let go, the value will increase back to normal.

For example: Button 0, when idle, would register 0x03cc. When pressed, it might go as low as 0x0360.

The applications and repositories below contain implementations of the Fleshlight communications protocol, or have relevant information about the hardware/firmware.